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Our carpenter ant control treatment involves eradicating the ants from inside the home where they may have set up a satellite colony in your walls void or other cavities.  Once the ants have been treated a follow-up visit is recommended as unhatched eggs from a carpenter ant colony are protected and may have survived. From here it's recommended to protect your home on a quarterly program as carpenter ants are wood destroying insects, who can do major structural damage.   

Carpenter Ant Control



Pavement ants tend to gather outdoors under walkways while odoruous house ants tend to gather in the kitchen. House ants are generally in search of carbohydrate sugar and may return each year for their annual spring feeding. The nest or satellite colony is most likely in the wall void adjacent to the kitchen and is larger than you think. Although not a wood destroying ant like the carpenter ant, house ants can be quite the nuisance and an unsightly addition to your kitchen countertop.

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