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Whether it's a bat flying around the house or a small colony roosting in your attic, Meerkat's Bat Removal Experts will evict/remove the bats and seal up the entry points to keep them out for good. Meerkat also offers a  full array of decontamination services that include HEPA vacuuming the droppings, sanitizing the space and replacing any soiled insulation. 


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Scratching or Scurrying?

In an attempt to stay warm brown bats will scratch under the insulation and on top of the sheetrock in your attic or sometime in a wall void. Late at night the sound can be loud and may be heard overhead or through your bedroom wall.If you hear scratching or a scurrying (moving around or flapping  but not running) in your attic or walls, it could be a telltale sign of bats. The best thing to do is to call us immediately for a free inspection of the space. 

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Sudden Appearances

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Bats may suddenly appear in a home or business for a variety of reasons. If it happens in the winter or colder fall/spring months there's very good chance it came down from the attic following the airflow of a wire or plumbing chase or that of a wall void.  In the summer months in late July to early August, babies learn how to fly. They may get lost, or explore some and they may wind up in your living space. This can be a tell tale sign of bats living in your attic, a potential maternal colony. Bats can also get into your home through a window without a screen. If your window has been left open on a summer night or if you have a window air conditioning unit with a gap on the side a male bat can find his way in.  If you have a sudden appearance inside your home call us for an inspection.

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