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Bee & Wasp Removal Experts

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Our service includes remedies for bee & wasp control, nest removal, honey bee nest removal, exterminator services for yellow jackets, carpenter bees, hornets, cicada killers, and mud wasps. We remove bees and wasps from walls, attics, soffits, overhangs, eaves, ground hollows and other cavities. Honeybees are removed with our bee-keeper and saved for pollinating, we repair the damage.

Once the bee, wasp or hornet population on your property has been brought under control, effective annual quarterly inspections are recommended to keep it that way. If someone is allergic pre-emptive treatments can be applied. 
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Carpenter Bees are wood destroying insects. They drill holes into your home or structures so they can lay their eggs, solitary nesters most of the time, they most resemble the bumble bee. One way to tell apart is Carpenter bees have shiny abdominals and they hover around their nest or around the hole they intend to make. Males hover near the nest but they don't have stingers and try to intimidate you instead. 


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