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Residential Protection
Guard Your Home. 

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4 Seasons Quarterly Protection

Our four seasons pest management program handles ants, bees, mice, rats and over 55 crawling insects insects like spiders, box-elder beetles, stink bugs, cluster flies and millipedes to name a few. Services are performed quarterly (every 90 days).

Bee & Wasp

Big carpenter ants inside the nest, ant workers in colony, Morocco_.jpg
House spider (Tegenaria atrica) in backlight.jpg

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control. 

Metal-X (Foundation Wrap)

Keeps Pests Out of Your Sill plate & Basement area

Works on Ants, Spiders, Mice & All Common Crawling Insects



Keeps Mice, Rats, Bats, Bees & 

About 30-40% less then replacing your Ridge Vent

Squirrels Of Your Attic 


Insect & Rodent Control

Quarterly Inspections

Pest Proofing

Rodent Monitoring

Eco-Friendly Organic Spot Treatments

A beautiful fresh green leaf covered with raindrops and highlighted by the sun. The plant

Green Solutions

Botanical Oils are nature's natural defense against insects.

Nature's defense is now your defense.


ECOKAT is an eco-friendly pest management program that will keep your home pest free while protecting your environment. Our premium service focuses on prevention as your main line of defense and gains full control using methods other than pesticide that include pest proofing your home, routine inspections, correcting conditions that contribute to pest problems. Pests covered include ants, bees, mice, rats, spiders, and 55 other common crawling insects.

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