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Guard Your Home. 

Meerkat Pest Control is a local family owned company focused on service excellence. Our Pest Control services include insect control, residential & commercial programs, exclusion, rodent control and wildlife removal. All services are performed to strict standards for unmatched quality & performance.

For true quality workmanship in pest control, contact Meerkat to set up your free estimate.Your home, family and business will be happy you did.


Our Metal-X Exclusion System (lower strip) here in Nantucket Gray is part of our Eco-Friendly approach to keeps pests like mice, spiders and wood destroying carpenter ants out of your sill plate entry area. 

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Protect your health home & family. Meerkat covers ants, bees, bed bugs, rats, mice, termites and all common crawling insects. One time services and pest management programs are available


Meerkat's BIOKAT Commercial Program will keep your business pest free. Our IPM approach features commercial exclusion, POI inspections & digital rodent monitoring. 


 Free Pest Inspection

Start with a no-charge diagnostic inspection to check pest activity, cracks, gaps and other conducive conditions. Following the inspection we'll provide you with a solution to eliminate your pest problem and a free estimate. 

What Are Clients are Saying




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Flying Squirrels will glide form tall pines onto your roof and chew in through your ridge vent or access a warped/cracked plastic opening.  

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Plastic ridge-venting warps & cracks allow flying squirrels, bats & mice easy entry.



Installation of Ridge-Guard® eliminates the need in most cases of removing and replacing old ridge vents and cost 30% less.

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