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Rat Exterminator 

Pest Control for Rats

Rat Facts

Rats like to burrow, nest, and hide in soft dirt at ground level or below, and live in colonies, or families of 30 to 50 rats with 9 to a burrow. Rats abilities include squeezing through holes the size of a quarter, leaping 4 feet sideways, chewing through pipes and cinder block. 

There are three types of rats found in Upstate NY and Massachusetts, Black Rats, Brown Rats (Norway rats) and Allegheny Woodrats. The Brown Rat, also called a Norway Rat actually arrived from Northern China is the biggest threat to Capital regions homes and businesses as Black rats are more rare. Allegheny rats prefer outside habitats and are considered endangered, they're a rare find in a home. The unofficial Capital Region Rat is a Brown Rat, a Hybrid mix between NYC and Albany Rats. The Hybrids are elusive and cunning and they're not easy to trap. Calling a rat exterminator is your first step to fixing the problem for good.


Meerkat pest control places professional rat traps and bait in hard to reach areas where rats like to live & sleep. This may include attics, runways, walls, crawl spaces, basements and garages. Meerkat will eliminate the rat problem on the inside and seal up the entry points to prevent re-entry.  

Types of Rats in NY

How to Get Rid of Rats 

Rat Trap, Bait & Seal Service


PRO Rat trap & Bait 

Our  program will place professional traps and bait  throughout hard to reach run ways and where mice like to hide the like the attic, basement, garage, crawl spaces, etc. 


Rodent Proofing

Meerkat will identify the entry points and rodent proof the home to prevent re-entry. Meerkat uses mouse resistant materials made from copper, steel and metal. No chew through caulk or foams.  


HEPA Vac & Sanitize

After the mice are out and your home is rat proofed, meerkat will HEPA vac the droppings, sanitize the space and apply odor control as needed.



 Meerkat utilizes Intellikat electronic rodent monitoring, so we know where the mice are moving. IntelliKat ensures your service is the most effective and most efficient in the marketplace

Meerkat provides an industry leading Eco-Friendly pest management program for mice and rats, our Rodent Trap & Seal service. The rodent service exterminates rodents through our intensive trapping process and seals up the entry points (rodent proofing) so they can't get back in. When complete, we HEPA vac the droppings, sanitize the space and the improved property conditions keep them out for good. 

What Our Clients Are Saying




Exclusion also known as pest proofing or rodent proofing uses pest resistant materials to seal up entry points from gaps, cracks, utility lines, wire chases, doorways, loading areas & vents. Pest proofing is the cornerstone of rat prevention and a major part of our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. In addition to blocking pest entry, pest proofing reduces lifetime costs by preventing future infestations and eradication, damage from droppings and nesting in insulation, food contamination and commercial reputation damage. An industry leader in pest exclusion, our services in conjunction with other controls work to keep rats out of your Home or Business as your first line of defense. 

Getting rid of rats and other critters like bats or squirrels in a home can be a hassle, time consuming and often the job is not fixed permanently because the home is never sealed properly.  Save your time and hire a professional rodent exterminator who specializes in exclusion, it will be worth it in the long-run. 


 There are basically two different professional ways to treat for rats.


1. The first way is the fastest and most efficient, our Trap and Seal Service which eliminates the critters on the inside of the home and seals up the outside to prevent new ones from entering. Our Pest Proofing service uses a combination of rodent resistant exclusion material like copper mesh, pro steel fabrics, along with our Metal-X and Ridge-Guard Systems.


2. The second way is our Rodent Control Baiting Program.  This service does what the title says, it's a control program, a population reduction service, it's a bait only program that keeps the population under control. If paying for pest proofing is an issue,  a "bait only" program is better than nothing and it's worth being done until you have the budget to pest proof your home for good.  

Rodent Control Vs. Rat Proofing


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