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1) The problem with plastic ridge-venting is the the ridge venting starts warping and cracking with age. Most of the other fiber style ridge vents are easy for critters such as squirrels and mice to chew or tear out allowing easy access for bats and birds to enter the attic as well. Once in the attic many problems associated with feces, mites, and even the HVAC system of the home may occur.

2) The old way to “fix” the problem: Tearing of the ridge cap, removing the ridge vent, installing metal mesh, then installing new ridge vent and ridge cap. And the problem could very well happen again with squirrels chewing holes, bats, mice or birds getting back under.

3) The benefits of Ridge-Guard:

  • A lot less time in labor and materials (opposed to tearing off existing ridge and reinstalling)

  • For most roofs about 30% savings, and a product to last as long as your roof.

  • Highly effective and barely visible from the ground.

Installation of Ridge-Guard ® eliminates the need in most cases of removing and replacing old ridge vents. It stops pest entry without the need for tear-offs of ridge vent or ridge caps. Ridge-Guard is a heavy-duty American-Made product with a lifetime guarantee.


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