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Pest Proof Your Property 


Eco-Friendly Pest Control.



Keeps Pests Out of Your Sill Plate Area


Keeps Pests Out of the Attic

Great for Porches, Decks & Sheds

Keep Pests Out for Good


Exclusion also known as pest proofing, rodent proofing or pest control contracting uses pest resistant materials to seal up entry points from gaps, cracks, utility lines, wire chases, doorways, loading areas & vents. Pest proofing is the cornerstone of pest prevention and a major part of our Sustainable Integrated Pest Management (SIPM) program. In addition to blocking pest entry, pest proofing reduces lifetime costs by preventing future infestations and eradication, damage from droppings and nesting in insulation, food contamination and commercial reputation damage. An industry leader in pest exclusion, our services in conjunction with other controls work to keep rodents, insects & wildlife out of your Home or Business as your first line of defense. 

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