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Ant Exterminator Near You Expert Treatment

Carpenter Ant Treatment

Notorious for their ability to cause significant structural damage to your home, carpenter ants establish their colonies in your walls, voids, or other cavities, gradually eating away at the wood.

Eradication: We first focus on eliminating the existing ants from inside your home.

Follow-up Visit: Since unhatched eggs from their colony may survive the initial treatment, we recommend a follow-up visit to ensure complete extermination.

Quarterly Program: To protect your home from any future infestations and potential structural damage, we suggest enrolling in our quarterly program.


Little Black Ant Control 

Little Black ants, pavement ants and other odorous house ants may not cause any structural damage but can be a significant nuisance. They are particularly attracted to carbohydrate sugars and often invade kitchens and sidewalks.

Identifying the Nest: We locate their nest or satellite colony, which is usually in a wall void adjacent to your kitchen.

Extermination: We then exterminate them, ensuring they don't return for their annual spring feeding.

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