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Groundhog Removal

Our Groundhog Removal Service will evict the groundhog

from your structure and keep them out for good.

Something Eating Your Garden? 

Groundhogs (woodchucks) are vegetarians and love tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, carrots, squash, celery just about anything else you could plant in your home garden. Don't let these critters ruin your garden. Meerkat's Groundhog Removal service will eliminate the Groundhogs from under your structure and our exclusion services will keep them out for good.


  • Critters living under your deck, shed or porch? 

  • Trench-Guard  provides a barrier for animals, especially ones that like to dig.

  • Works great for Groundhogs, Rodents, Skunks & Opossums.


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