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How to Identify Mice in Your Home

Here are a few ways to identify mice in Upstate NY & the Western MA region. 


House mice have an adult body length (nose to base of tail) 3-4 inches and a tail length of 2-4 inches. The weight is typically 40–45 g. They vary in color from grey and light brow. Meerkat will identify by the droppings, sightings plus we have video surveillance with "Intellikat" to monitor the problem throughout the process. 

Scampering at Night

Mice are active through the night and you can hear them scampering and scratching. Sometimes people think the animal is something bigger because the amount of noise mice can make. 


Sightings and Droppings

Seeing a mouse run across the kitchen floor or seeing droppings around the home is a telltale sign of a mouse problem and you should call Meerkat Pest Control right away at 518-869-7379. 

Stored Food

If Mice have access to a food source they will stash in some spots around the home for future consumption. Finding little piles of stored food is a telltale sign of mice in your home.  

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Best Way to Prevent a Mouse Infestation? 

Professional Mouse Proofing

Sealing up your home is the cornerstone to any mouse control program. Using mouse resistant material to fill cracks and gaps around your foundation and along the the upper level if they have access to climb any stone or brick including your chimney. We have found there are over 18 different points of entry on a standard home in the northeast. Call us for a free estimate at 518-869-7378.

Eliminate Food Sources

Keep your food stored in airtight containers and don't leave any stored food unsupervised in basements or crawl spaces. 

Trim Your Landscaping & Keep a Tight Lawn

Mice like safe harborage areas outside your home and overgrown vegetation is the biggest culprit. Keep weeds and overgrown landscape plants trimmed back and keep the lawn tight. Trim back back any overhanging tree branches.  

Take Action FAST

if you catch it fast it's easier to contain and it will cost you less.  

Clean Out Your Garage and REMOVE Debris/ Clutter Around Home

This is extremely important. You can't have a mouse free home with harborage area's inside or outside the home.  



Our PRO Mouse Control service helps to prevent mouse infestations before they start. We use exclusion and electronic surveillance to keep mice out of your property long-term. Call us for a free estimate at 518-869-7378.

Mouse Exterminator Cost

The average cost to professionally trap or bait for mice in the Capital Region is about $400-$700 depending on your situation and how many visits are required to your home. Additional costs for a mouse problem is the investment needed to improve the home, to keep the mice out. Many don't realize that mouse proofing the home is a home improvement job, filling in gaps, cracks and openings, repairing foundations and roof lines etc.


Call us at 518-869-7379 for a Free Estimate

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Call us at 518-869-7379

How To Get Rid of Mice

Trap, Bait and Mouse Proof

To get rid of mice quickly the best way is to trap all the mice on the inside. Bait can be used but there's a chance they die inside the walls; a smell you want to avoid. Trapping in conjunction with mouse proofing and correcting/improving property conditions to prevent new mice from returning is the key to a successful mouse control program.

See our Trap and Seal Service Below...

7 Home Remedies that Never Work...

This is the biggest sham when it comes to searching for Mouse Control tips. Numerous amounts of people get misled by websites promoting outrageous and foolish claims. They draw people in with the hope of some free home remedy and just sell advertising on the site. Be smart, don't waste your time. 

The list includes:

  • Peppermint Oil

  • Cloves

  • Moth Balls

  • Sound Deterrents

  • Dryer Sheets

  • Soap Detergent

  • Kitty Litter


These "Home Remedies" sound good and what they really do is they drive the mice deep into hiding in your home; into the attic or basement insulation, you'll rarely see them in the living space if you have peppermint and dryer sheets placed all over. We have eradicated many problems where people tried this for years and the mice population exploded in the attic or basement, and the insulation had to be removed and replaced; a hefty cost indeed. Folks it doesn't work, don't fall for gimmicks that sound to good to be true.


What about the outside? What about placing dryer sheets, peppermint and clove around the foundation, will that work as a Mouse Repellant? It may might disrupt the scent trail for a few days but one good rain day and say good bye. Once mice know there is food and shelter inside there's nothing that will stop them from re-entering at a later date.To get rid of mice and keep them out the right way, your home must be Rodent Proofed.  

Safety Considerations

DIY vs. Professional Mouse Trapping 

Old school wooden traps are still the best but beware they can snap down on your fingers pretty good, there are some alternates but they generally don't work as well. Live cage trapping is another alternative but is very time consuming and doesn't work well. Also dead mice carry disease and bacteria. If you attempt to trap yourself, make sure to wear gloves, dispose  and wash your hands thoroughly. 

Diseases Spread by Mice

Mice are known to carry many diseases. Diseases can spread to people directly and indirectly from rodents. The following list provides links to more information about some of the diseases that can spread from rodents, these are not exhaustive lists.

Certain diseases can spread from rodents to people through direct contact with infected rodents (for example, breathing in contaminated air, touching contaminated materials and then touching eyes, nose, or mouth, being bitten or scratched by an infected rodent, or eating food contaminated by an infected rodent).

The list includes but is not limited to:



Lyme Disease

Mouse Trap & Seal Service


PRO Mouse Trapping 

Our trapping program will place professional traps throughout hard to reach run ways and where mice like to hide the like the attic, basement, garage, crawl space to eliminate the mice from inside. 


Mouse Proofing

Meerkat will identify the entry points and rodent proof the home to prevent re-entry. Meerkat uses mouse resistant materials made from copper, steel and metal. No chew through caulk or foams.  


HEPA Vac & Sanitize

After the mice are out and your home is mouse proofed, meerkat will HEPA vac the droppings, sanitize the space and apply odor control as needed.



 Meerkat utilizes Intellikat electronic mouset monitoring, so we know where the mice are moving. IntelliKat ensures your service is the most effective and most efficient in the marketplace

Meerkat provides an industry leading Eco-Friendly pest management program for mice, our Trap & Seal service. The service exterminates mice through our intensive trapping process and seals up the entry points (rodent proofing) so they can't get back in. When complete, we HEPA vac the droppings, sanitize the space and the improved property conditions keep them out for good. 

How To Keep Mice Out

Professional Mouse Proofing

The best way to keep mice out permanently is with professional mouse proofing. Can you do it yourself? Yes you can try, but more often than not, the problem comes back. Most people call us after many attempts. Check out our Metal-X Foundation System to keep mice out for good

Professional Mouse Proofing Saves Money

In addition to blocking pest entry, professional mouse proofing reduces lifetime costs by preventing future infestations, service calls, damage from droppings and nesting in insulation, food contamination and commercial reputation damage. 

Call us for a free estimate at 518-869-7379 

Check out some of our work below...

All Professional Mouse Proofing is NOT Equal

Meerkat uses a two man carpentry crew for full home seal ups. These are two "Pest Control Contractors" are NOT insect exterminators who normally spray homes, and just walk around with a caulk gun. Nine out of ten companies use this method. If conditions on your home need to be "Improved" to keep mice out, which many do, Meerkat will handle it the right way, the first time. 




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