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Critter Removal Experts.

Nuisance Wildlife

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Residential • Commercial

Meerkat Pest Control is the Capital Region's leading service provider for Rodent and Wildlife Exclusion.

For the upper level roof area, Meerkat installs their all new

Ridge Guard System to keep mice, bats, rats and squirrels out for good.



Whether it's mice, rats, bats or squirrels your technician is trained to identify the best areas to set up trapping or eviction controls. We check, rebait, and remove traps throughout the treatment process. Once the critters are out, the structure is sealed. 


Our technicians have extensive experience in the home improvement industry. We will aim to provide you with a permanent solution by sealing your home and making entry points inaccessible to rodents and other wildlife.


Many of the critters that invade your home leave fecal matter and urine behind them as they make their way through the property.  We provide sanitization, disinfection, and HEPA-VAC the droppings. 

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