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Tick & Mosquito Service

Organic Tick & Mosquito Treatment 

Tick Free Zones

Protect Your Kids & Pets

100% Natural No Pyrethrins or Pyrethroids

Eco-Friendly Pest Control


Protect Your Family & Pets

 Tick Control

Our eco-friendly service will treat and establish a tick free zone to reduce or eliminate tick activity on your lawn and landscape beds around your home. Yard condition reports can be provided to further reduce harborage and potential activity. Customers should remain vigilant by keeping lawn mowed, and yard free of clutter, debris, woodpiles and bird feeders. Additional steps include keeping pets out of wooded area's, wearing white clothing, using DEET spray and reducing the primary host mice & chipmunks on the property.  


Ticks facts: Ticks can only crawl, they cannot fly or jump. Ticks can be active on winter days when the ground temperatures are above 45 degrees. The most commonly encountered ticks in Upstate NY are the black legged deer tick, American dog tick, and the Lone star tick. .


Mosquito Control

Our eco-friendly mosquito control service will treat mosquitos in different stages both in the adult stage, in the larvae stage around your home and the perimeter of your property.

Take back your yard from mosquitos, get a free estimate today.    
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