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How to Protect Workspace Facilities from Pest

Protecting Your Commercial Office Facility From Pests

Protect Your Business
Modern IPM Programs

In the bustling business world, maintaining that clean, safe, and pest-free environment is not just a necessity—it's paramount. As it speaks volumes about your brand, an infestation can quickly tarnish your image, disrupt productivity, and even lead to health issues for your employees and visitors.

Here at Meerkat Pest Control, we fully understand this. We recognize that it's not just about exterminating pests, but more importantly, it's about creating a comfortable and healthy workspace that fosters productivity and leaves a positive impression on everyone who walks through your doors.

That's why we designed our program to provide you with the best solutions. We go beyond traditional control methods and customize a modern plan–Because Your Reputation Deserves the BEST!

Effective Rodent Control for Multi-Homes Facilities



With our industry's best IPM program, we will customize a modern (IPM) pest control plan that will protect your establishment from pests without the overuse of pesticides.

Integrated Pest Management & Pest Proofing

Effective Commercial Pest Proofing
Pest Proofing

Commercial Pest Proofing like Dock leveling doors is an integral part of our IPM program.

Effective Rodent Monitoring
Rodent Control

Traps are placed inside to monitor areas like pantries, storage rooms, ceilings, and sanitation areas. Rodent monitoring is also provided on the interior & exterior of the building.

Say Goodbye to Crawling Insects
Roaches & Ants

Roaches, ants, and other common crawling insects are serviced with our gel baiting service which is tough on these crawlies while easy on the environment.

Keeping Fly Infestations at Bay
Fly Light Program

Eliminates fly problems from black flies, fruit flies, and fungus gnats. Our service keeps them under control and avoids problems that can hurt your reputation, eliminating them before they become an infestation.

We Inspect, Identify, and Treat your affected areas, as well as give you comprehensive recommendations and continuous evaluation to ensure the effectiveness of our control plan.

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