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Effective Pest Control with ECOKAT for Multi-Family Homes

Protecting Your Multi-Family Facility From Pests

Protect Your Business
Modern IPM Programs

Here at Meerkat Pest Control, we get it–when it comes to choosing your home, people want a living environment that's clean, comfortable, and most importantly–pest-free.

That's where our ECOKAT program swoops in.

It's designed to provide you with top-notch Integrated Pest Management solutions for your multi-family homes business. We don't just stick to the old-school methods here; instead, we customize a modern IPM plan that suits your unique needs.

After all, your peace of mind is paramount, and we're here to ensure it stays intact.

Because Every Home Deserves the BEST!

Effective Rodent Control for Multi-Homes Facilities

What We Offer


The industry's best IPM program accomplishes a pest-free living space through professional rodent control & proofing, POI inspections, correcting conducive conditions, trapping, drain line service, baiting for ants & roaches, electronic rodent monitoring & control of stored product pests.

We will customize a control plan that will protect your building from pests without the overuse of pesticides.

Integrated Pest Management & Pest Proofing

We give you custom control solutions and create a plan that addresses all your needs.

Here are just a few of the spaces we specialize in:

Apartment Buildings

Picture this–you've got a multi-story building, filled with different people, all living their lives, and then boom! An invasive bug issue pops up. It's not just about one family or one unit anymore, but multiple homes stacked on top of each other, not to mention the common areas where everyone mingles. Sounds like a headache, right?

But that's where we come in. We've got the experience, the skills, to handle these issues that come our way.

Condominium Complexes

Here's the thing about condos–they often share walls, and while that's great for fostering a sense of community, it's also an open invitation for critters to hop from one home to another. It's like a highway system for bugs and rodents!

But don't worry, we're not about to let your home turn into a pest expressway. We know exactly where to look and what to do to ensure those pesky critters are shown the exit door.


This lovely multi-story home gives each floor its own unique vibe and layout. Now, this vertical living can present some interesting challenges. You see, pests aren't just ground-dwellers, they're excellent climbers too! They can easily scurry up your walls and pipes, turning your top floor into their very own new penthouse suite.

But here's the good news–we eat challenges like these for breakfast! We love a good puzzle and figuring out the best way to protect every level of your home is a task we're more than ready to tackle. From the basement to the attic, we've got you covered!


A duplex is like two peas in a pod–two separate households snugly fitted under one roof which can make pest control a bit of a juggling act. If one unit has a problem, there's a good chance the other one could be at risk too.

Worry not, we're actually expert jugglers. We've got the tools, techniques, and know-how in both units simultaneously. We'll ensure that both of these households can live in peace, without those unwanted guests.

Housing Cooperatives

These are tight-knit communities where everyone knows each other like one big family under several roofs.

But here's the thing about them–when something bothers one member, it affects everyone. And believe me, nothing can cause a stir in such close quarters quite like a pest problem.

Imagine trying to enjoy a community barbecue with ants marching across your picnic table or a mouse making an unexpected appearance during a board meeting. Not fun, right?

That's why we see it as our mission to tackle any of these problems head-on to avoid any disruption in these neighborhoods.


We follow a four-step approach: Inspect, Identify, Treat, and Evaluate.

First, we'll put on our work gloves and thoroughly inspect your store to know every nook and cranny where pests might be hiding. Once we've got the lay of the land, we'll put our detective hats on and identify the culprits causing you trouble.


Once identified, we will develop a custom control plan that not only treats the affected areas but also puts preventive measures in place to keep them from coming back.

Effective Commercial Pest Proofing
Pest Proofing

Commercial Pest Proofing like Dock leveling doors are an integral part of our IPM program.

Effective Rodent Monitoring
Rodent Control

Traps are placed inside to monitor kitchen areas, storage rooms, ceilings and sanitation areas. Rodent monitoring is also provided on the interior & exterior of the building.

Say Goodbye to Crawling Insects
Roaches & Ants

Services for roaches, ants and other common crawling insects are serviced with our gel baiting service which is tough on kitchen pests while easy on the kitchen environment.

Keeping Fly Infestations at Bay
Fly Light Program

Eliminates fly problems from black flies, fruit flies and fungus gnats. Our service keeps them under control in your kitchen, dining, waste and storage areas. Fly problems can hurt your reputation, our program will eliminate them before they become an infestation.

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