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Eco-Friendly Pest Control: A Guide to Safe and Sustainable Solutions

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Alternatives

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Bothered by invasive pests in your home or office space but, at the same time, don’t want to harm the environment? Trust me--we have all been there.

Even the cleanest homes might have a pest problem. Sadly, some traditional pest control methods are often harmful to the environment, humans, and animals.

These days, finding one that is environmentally friendly is difficult, but it does exist!

At Meerkat Pest Control, we have fantastic eco-friendly pest control management techniques that are both humane and sustainable, and we are here to guide you on how to achieve it.

So, buckle up. You are in for some tremendous green pest control tips!

What is Eco-Friendly Pest Control?

Eco-friendly pest control involves using natural, sustainable, and non-toxic methods to manage pests. This approach aims at eradicating pests while ensuring safe living conditions for humans and other living organisms.

These practices tend to rely on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which is a technique we use here at Meerkat that considers the biological, cultural, and physical factors of pest control while using organic and natural oils, traps, and baits.

Biological Control

This involves bringing natural predators to the pests to control their population.

Ladybugs, for example, can be introduced to control aphids on plants.

See, it doesn't involve any harsh treatments! A safe option for both the environment and humans indeed.

Natural Pest Control

Harnessing Natural Remedies

Essential Oils

Natural pest control products like cedarwood, peppermint and garlic can be mixed with water and sprayed onto the affected areas. Truly one of the most sustainable pest control methods out there!

Did you know that certain essential oils have pest control properties?

Peppermint oil and Cedarwood are excellent for repelling spiders, ants, ticks mice and other pests.

These oils are also known for their pleasant aroma and hence--serve as natural air fresheners too!

Electronic Pest Control

The Future of Pest Control

Meerkat Pest Control

Electronic pest control typically involves the use of devices that emit high-frequency sounds to repel pests.

Here at Meerkat, we have our own INTELLIKAT system that is highly effective in keeping pests away. We electronically monitor rodent traps from our cell phones or our home office so we can spend more time on things that matter--like rodent proofing.

What's more is that it provides intel on where the activity is coming from, allowing us to better seal out the rodents for good.

Humane Pest Control

Instead of killing them, humane pest control involves trapping and releasing pests back into their natural habitat.

As critter removal experts, we are trained to identify the best areas to set up trapping or eviction controls--whether it's for mice, rats, bats, or squirrels. We check, rebait, and remove traps.


Environmentally Friendly Exclusion

Exclusion involves sealing and blocking all entry points that pests may use to enter your property.

At Meerkat, we offer four types of exclusionary measures: Trench Guard, Ridge Guard, Metal-X, and Spray-Form. These measures are highly effective in preventing pest entry without causing any harm to the environment.

Wrapping It Up

Always remember-prevention is key. The best way to control pests is to prevent an infestation from happening in the first place.

Keep your space clean, avoid clutter, and store food in airtight containers. Ensure that all possible entry points for pests, like holes and cracks in walls and floors, are sealed. This will help deny pests all the food, water, and shelter that they need to thrive.

If you already have a pest infestation, don't worry--there is still hope! These natural and eco-friendly methods of pest control could help. Better yet, let Meerkat Pest Control handle this for you!

Our team of experts uses ECOKAT, our eco-friendly pest control program that will keep your home pest free while protecting your environment. Our premium service focuses on prevention as your main line of defense.

Pest problem? Get Free Estimate.

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