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Exclusion Techniques: Sealing Entry Points to Keep Pests at Bay

Mastering Exclusion Techniques to Keep Pests Away

Tired of uninvited guests invading your cozy abode?

No, we're not talking about those pesky in-laws—we mean pests!

It's time to show them who's boss with some top-notch exclusion techniques and seal those entry points for good.

Trench-Guard: Protect Your Shed, Decks & Porches

Animals love to sneak under your shed, decks, and porches, turning them into their personal crash pads. But with Meerkat Pest Control's Trench-Guard, you can say "goodbye" to these unwanted critters. This will stop them from cozying up beneath your outdoor structures—keeping your property safe and sound.

Ridge-Guard: No More Attic Intruders

Ridge-Guard System for Pest Exclusion

When it comes to pest exclusion, don't forget about your attic!

Our Ridge-Guard system keeps those sneaky pests from making themselves at home in your attic space.

Trust us, you want squirrels, bats, or birds to make your attic their home!

Metal-X: Secure Your Sill Plate Area & Basement

Pests have a knack for finding their way into your sill plate area and basement. But with Meerkat's Metal-X, you can keep those unwelcome guests on the outside looking in. This pest control exclusion service fortifies your home's vulnerable spots to make those critters stay where they belong (hint: definitely not in your basement!).

Spray-Foam: The Triple Threat

Looking for an exclusion pest control option that does more than just keep pests out? Spray-Foam is your answer! Not only does it deter pests, but it also keeps drafts and mold at bay—talk about a win-win-win.

Regular Inspections: Knowledge is Power

Exterior Home Inspections

Stay one step ahead of pests by conducting regular inspections of your home's exterior.

Look for cracks, gaps, or holes that could serve as entry points for these not-so-good critters. If you spot any issues, call the pros– the Meerkat Team–for pest control exclusion services to nip the problem in the bud.

Keep It Clean: A Tidy Home is a Pest-Free Home

A little tidying up goes absolutely a long way.

The classic exclusion control keep-your-home-clean and clutter-free will avoid creating cozy hideouts for unwanted guests. Plus, who doesn't love a clean house, right?

In Conclusion

Keeping those not-so-friendly pests at bay doesn't have to be a hassle. With these techniques and our top-of-the-line pest exclusion systems, you'll be well on your way to a pest-free paradise.

Get A Free Quote, and let's send those pesky intruders packing!

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