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Customized Pest Control Plans for Retail Business

Protecting Your Retail Facility From Pests

Protect Your Business
Modern IPM Programs

Here at Meerkat Pest Control, we understand that when it comes to going shopping, people want a place that's clean, comfortable, and most importantly–PEST-FREE!

And as a store owner, the last thing you need is a problem that could jeopardize your merchandise and even tarnish your business reputation.

With customers rummaging through your products and ever-flowing foot traffic, our team of experts is dedicated to collaborating with you to develop a customized plan that offers a comprehensive solution to all your pest concerns.

Effective Rodent Control for Multi-Homes Facilities


Our ECOKAT service goes beyond traditional methods as it emphasizes proactive measures to prevent and manage pest infestations–all without the use of pesticides.

Integrated Pest Management & Pest Proofing

In our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, we only use environmentally-friendly pest control methods that focus on prevention as well as removal. Meaning, we will not only provide you with a solution to your present problems but also against future infestations.


We follow a four-step approach: Inspect, Identify, Treat, and Evaluate.

First, we'll put on our work gloves and thoroughly inspect your store to know every nook and cranny where pests might be hiding. Once we've got the lay of the land, we'll put our detective hats on and identify the culprits causing you trouble.


Once identified, we will develop a custom control plan that not only treats the affected areas but also puts preventive measures in place to keep them from coming back.

Effective Commercial Pest Proofing
Pest Proofing

Commercial Pest Proofing like Dock leveling doors are an integral part of our IPM program.

Effective Rodent Monitoring
Rodent Control

Traps are placed inside to monitor areas like pantries, storage rooms, ceilings and sanitation areas. Rodent monitoring is also provided in the interior & exterior of the building.

Say Goodbye to Crawling Insects
Roaches & Ants

Roaches, ants and other common crawling insects are serviced with gel baiting which is tough on them while easy on the environment.

Keeping Fly Infestations at Bay
Fly Light Program

Eliminate fly problems from black flies, fruit flies and fungus gnats. Our service keeps them under control and avoids problems that can hurt your reputation, eliminating them before they become an infestation.

Our commitment to you goes beyond the initial treatment. That's why we provide a continuous evaluation to ensure that our control plan remains effective, adapting as needed to keep your retail space safe and pest-free.

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