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Getting rid of mice in a home can be quite the chore and keeping them away is another job in itself.  Most of our cutomer's call us after they have tried it themselves many times and and just can't take it anymore.  There are basically two different ways to treat for mice:


1. The first way is the fastest and most efficient, our Trap and Seal service which removes all the mice on the inside of the home and seals up the outside to prevent re-entry. We use a combination of professional exclusion along with our Metal-X System.


2. The second way is our rodent control program. This service does what it's title says, it's a control program, a population reduction service, bait only program that keeps the population under control. This program allows the mice to enter, eat the bait with the hope it will exit the home dehydrated to perish. Rodent proofing with a bait program can be problematic because it can trap the mice inside and they may die in your walls from the bait, a problem you want to avoid as the smell can be unbearable. In the end as long as your home remains open "not rodent proofed" the rodent population may be under control but the threat of rodents coming inside remains. If paying for rodent proofing is a problem, rodent control baiting is better than nothing and it's worth being done until you have the budget to rodent proof your home for good.  

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Metal-x  Pest Proofing System

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