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 Experts in Rodent Exclusion

Trap • Seal • Sanitize

Pest Exterminator For Mice

Meerkat provides an industry leading Eco-Friendly pest management program for mice, our Trap & Seal service. The service excludes the use of bait and glue boards and instead focuses on eliminating the mice through trapping, sealing up the entry points (mouse proofing) and improving property conditions to keep them out for good. 

PRO Trapping 

Mouse Proofing




HEPA Vac & Sanitize



Our trapping program will place professional traps throughout hard to reach run areas and where mice like to hide the like the attic, basement, garage crawl space and eliminate all the mice from inside. 

Meerkat will identify the entry points and rodent proof the home to prevent re-entry. Meerkat uses mouse resistant materials made from copper, steel and metal. No chew through caulk or foams.  

After the mice are out and your home is mouse proofed, meerkat will HEPA vac the droppings, sanitize the space and apply odor control as needed.

 Meerkat utilizes Intellikat electronic rodent monitoring, so we know where the mice are moving. IntelliKat ensures your service is the most effective and most efficient in the marketplace

The #1 Rodent Service in Pest Control


Mouse Infestation

Some of the telltale signs of a mouse infestation can be rub marks, gnaw marks on wires and droppings in your kitchen, food on the floor of your pantry or loose food stored in another part of the home. Mice carry diseases and may contaminate your food sources. Mice introduce pests into your home like ticks and they reproduce quickly, on average one female mouse produces 3-4 litters per year with 5-6 mice each. What seems like a small mouse problem can quickly turn into an infestation if not dealt with correctly. 

Many homeowners call us after they try to do it themselves and the problem persists. Mice are easy to catch but difficult to keep out of the home. With over 15 different points of entry on an average home, the time invested and the hassle to deal with the problem is best left to a professional who can solve your problem quickly and for good. 


Our Mice removal service will eliminate the mice, seal up the entry points, HEPA vac the droppings, sanitize the space and seal the entry points to keep them out. 

Rodent Control Vs. Rodent Proofing

Getting Rid of Mice in a home can be a hassle, time consuming and often the job is not fixed permanently Save your time and hire a professional rodent exterminator, it will be worth it in the long-run. 


 There are basically two different professional ways to treat for mice.  


1. The first way is the fastest and most efficient, our Trap and Seal service which exterminates the mice on the inside of the home and seals up the outside to prevent new mice from entering. Our Rodent proofing service uses a combination of rodent resistant exclusion material like copper mesh, pro steel fabrics and screening, along with our Metal-X and Ridge-Guard Systems.


2. The second way is our Rodent Control Baiting Program. This service does what it's title says, it's a control program, a population reduction service, it's a bait only program that keeps the population under control. If paying for rodent proofing is an issue,  a "bait only" program is better than nothing and it's worth being done until you have the budget to rodent proof your home for good.  



Our Rodent Exterminator service offers highly trained technicians and rodent carpenters in the region who do it the right way, the first time. Our Award winning service has technicians near you to provide your property with exceptional service. Call our office today and set up your free inspection. 


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