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Meerkat Pest Control is a local family owned company in Guilderland, New York serving all Albany County.


Monday - Sunday: 24 Hours


Pests In

Guilderland, NY

Our four seasons pest management program handles pests in Saratoga Springs like ants, bee nest removal, termite treatments, mice & rat exterminator and common crawling insects. Nuisance wildlife in Saratoga is tough and known for Flying squirrels, we also handle bat removal, squirrel removal from the attic, woodchucks, skunks and raccoons. 



Nuisance Wildlife Control

  • Bats, Squirrels, Rodents, Woodchucks, Raccoons...handled. 

  • If the critters come back,  we’ll come back too! 

  • Industry leading exclusion services equal permanent solutions.


Quarterly Pest control

  • Initial interior and exterior treatment to knockdown current problem.

  • Exterior treatments scheduled quarterly or every 90 days.

  • Guaranteed protection for as long as you keep your plan.

  • Eco-Friendly Solutions



Integrated Pest Management & Pest Proofing

ECOKAT is an eco-friendly pest management program that will keep your home pest free while protecting your environment. Our premium service focuses on prevention as your main line of defense and gains full control using methods other than pesticide that include pest proofing your home, routine inspections, correcting conditions that contribute to pest problems like overgrown vegetation, clutter, gaps & cracks, garbage areas, gutter drainage, standing water & structural deficiencies.


Spot treatments for insects are performed on an as needed basis with organic pest products. Pests covered include ants, bees, mice, rats, spiders, and 55 other common crawling insects. Contact us to see if your home qualifies for this program.



Guilderland, New York

Welcome to Guilderland, an oasis nestled in the heart of Albany County, NY where the splendor of nature flourishes and a vibrant community thrives.  As you embark on a journey through Guilderland's  landscapes, allow yourself to be captivated by its irresistible charm, eateries, hiking trails and shopping malls, while discovering the indispensable role of pest control in preserving the town's allure.

In the tranquil embrace of Guilderland, the symphony of nature resounds in every corner. Majestic oak and maple trees sway gently, offering a resplendent canopy to the vibrant wildlife that calls this haven home. Guilderland's abundant green spaces provide solace for residents and visitors alike, inviting them to bask in the serenity of its parks and nature reserves. From Tawasentha Park's verdant trails to the picturesque Pine Bush Preserve's captivating wilderness, the beauty of Guilderland captivates all who wander within its borders.

However, amidst this natural splendor, the need to protect Guilderland's cherished landscapes from intrusive pests becomes imperative. Pest control emerges as a guardian, safeguarding the delicate equilibrium between human habitation and the preservation of nature's bounty. Expert pest control services in Guilderland diligently combat invasive species, ensuring the vitality of the town's flora and fauna.

Guilderland's pest control professionals possess an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Employing eco-friendly and sustainable methods, they mitigate the impact of pest eradication on the delicate ecosystems that thrive here. By prioritizing humane practices and employing integrated pest management strategies, they strike a balance that preserves Guilderland's natural beauty for generations to come.

Beyond the preservation of natural landscapes, pest control plays a crucial role in safeguarding public health within Guilderland. Through comprehensive pest management, professionals diligently combat disease-carrying pests, creating a shield against potential outbreaks. With unwavering dedication, they protect the well-being of residents and visitors alike, allowing the community to thrive in an environment free from the perils posed by pests.

Guilderland, where nature's grandeur harmonizes with the resilient spirit of its inhabitants, stands as a testament to the magnificence of the American landscape. Embark on a journey to this captivating town, where the captivating beauty of rolling hills and thriving wildlife captivate your senses. Witness firsthand the invaluable role of pest control, an invisible yet indispensable force that preserves Guilderland's allure, safeguarding its natural wonders and nurturing a prosperous community.

Experience the splendor of Guilderland—a destination that unites the extraordinary beauty of the United States with the invaluable contributions of pest control. Discover a realm where nature and humanity intertwine harmoniously, promising a future where Guilderland remains a cherished jewel for generations to come.

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