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Restaurant Pest Control

Protect Your Business
Modern IPM Programs

Running a restaurant comes with its challenges, and the last thing you want is to have your restaurant overrun by unwanted pests. 


Meerkat Pest Control understands this situation well, and that’s why we have created a pest prevention system specifically for restaurants that helps keep them pest-free, ensuring your space continues to run smoothly and maintain business as usual. 

Learn more about how Meerkat Pest Control can help keep your restaurant free and clear of pests.

Our specialized method


We understand that every restaurant has unique needs. That's why our team is committed to providing you with a customized and personalized solution that works best for you and your restaurant’s requirements.


Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, or ECOKAT, offers eco-friendly pest control solutions. We use professional yet environmentally conscious methods to get the job done.


Effective Commercial Pest Proofing
Pest Proofing

Keep pests out with our commercial pest proofing. This preventative measure seals off any potential entry points and eliminates any conditions that will attract unwanted pests. By minimizing the risk of infestation, your employees and customers will enjoy a healthier, pest-free space.

Say Goodbye to Crawling Insects
Roaches & Ants

Don't let kitchen pests like roaches and ants ruin your reputation or compromise the safety of your diners. Our gel baiting service will take care of them quickly and efficiently while promoting a safe and environmentally-friendly kitchen environment.

Effective Rodent Monitoring
Rodent Control

With strategically placed traps, we monitor any rodent-specific activity in areas they are most likely to inhabit, such as kitchens, storage rooms, and waste areas. Our effective rodent control methods will help protect your restaurant, preventing damage or health-related worries.

Keeping Fly Infestations at Bay
Fly Light Program

Flies are a buzzkill for customers. Our fly light program uses UV light to target common areas that attract black flies, fruit flies, and gnats, such as the kitchen, dining, and waste areas and efficiently eliminates those pesky insects for a comfortable cooking and dining experience.

Managing Overgrown Vegetation for Pest Control
Vegetation Mgmt

Our vegetation management solutions protect your building from creepy crawlies and other wildlife that make it home in overgrown vegetation surrounding your property. Keep pests at bay and avoid damage and infestations by controlling untamed plants and weeds.

Sanitation Area Pest Control Made Easy
Waste Areas

Waste and sanitation areas are the perfect breeding grounds for unwanted pests. Our customized control programs for sanitation areas use proven methods such as targeted treatments, exclusion tactics, and proper waste management to keep your establishment clean and safe.

Eliminate Flies and Improve Flow with Our Service
Drain Line Service

Due to a build-up of organic matter, drains serve as an ideal habitat for drain flies, roaches, gnats, fruit flies, and fungi. Our comprehensive drain line service eliminates any present infestations and prevents pests from seeking refuge in your drains, all while reducing nasty odors and improving your water flow. 

Pest-Free Storage Solutions
Stored Product Pests

Pests love to make a home in food storage areas, which can cause costly damage to your food products and also pose a serious health problem to your customers. Our personalized treatment plans and integrated pest management system will help keep your food storage areas protected and your customers healthy and happy.

Efficient Pest Control Solutions for Busy Restaurant Owners

Your Restaurant's Pest Defense

At Meerkat Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being the top pest control squad in town, and we've got four foolproof reasons why.


  • We don’t allow creepy crawlies - We believe a pest-free environment leads to happy people, whether your employees or customers.

  • We take safety seriously - Pests can carry harmful bacteria and diseases. Our experts eliminate potential health hazards caused by pests for a worry-free cooking and dining environment.

  • We mind your business -  Place your trust in us to take care of your pests for a good while you create a great experience for your guests.

  • We value your time - You have a busy restaurant to run, so let our team of experts handle the dirty work while you focus on what matters most.

Image by Erik Karits

Dining Without Distractions

At Meerkat Pest Control, we are experts at keeping those uninvited guests away. Our customized services guarantee your employees’ and customers' safety, saving you time, worry, and money in the long run.


Rest assured, we have the right tools and expertise to eliminate any pesky pest-related issue your restaurant faces. Whether you’re dealing with crawling insects, rodents, or other wildlife, our cutting-edge and eco-friendly methods swiftly and thoroughly remove any pests and make sure they stay gone for good.  


If you want to keep your restaurant running smoothly and your customers happy, contact us today, and let us show you how we can help you protect your restaurant's reputation.

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