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Pest Control For Restaurants 



Because Your Reputation Deserves the BEST!

The industry's best  IPM  program accomplishes control through professional pest proofing, rodent control, POI inspections, correcting conducive conditions, trapping, drain line service, baiting for ants & roaches, electronic rodent monitoring & control of stored product pests.  

Small cracks, utility chases, pipe voids, vent holes are just some the entry points our exclusion experts will seal, as pest proofing is the foundation of our IPM program.

Pest Proofing

Rodent Control

Traps are placed inside to monitor kitchen areas, storage rooms, ceilings and sanitation areas. Rodent monitoring is also provided on the interior & exterior of the building. 

Vegetation Mgmt

Overgrown vegetation offers harborage to pests and allows them easy access to your building in proximity to your siding, foundation and roof

Sanitation areas must be protected from pests. Breeding grounds for multiple pest issues, Meerkat will partner with you for best practices and customize a control program that fits your business. 

Waste Areas

Roaches & Ants

Services for roaches, ants and other common crawling insects are serviced with our gel baiting service which is tough on kitchen pests while easy on the kitchen environment. 

Eliminates fly problems from black flies, fruit flies and fungus gnats. Our service keeps them under control in your kitchen, dining, waste and storage areas. Fly problems can hurt your reputation, our program will eliminate them before they become an infestation. 

Fly Light Program

Drain Line Service

This treatment will eliminate harborage and reproductive sites for drain flies, fungus  gnats and fruit flies. Our drain line service will also increase your flow while decreasing odors.

Our service will protect your storage area's from pests like rodents, flour & grain beetles and pantry moths. Our service will work to keep your food storage areas pest free. 

Stored Product Pests

Our post inspection reports make it easy to make necessary corrections to facility conditions that contribute to pests problems. Our inspection and reporting process also ensures you pass health inspections and exceed regulatory requirements. 

POI bar scanned inspections prevent pest infestation and provide proof of performance
Pest Proofing Services reduce and eliminate rodent infestations by eliminating entry.

Our fly light and drain service controls large flies, drain flies and fruit flies.  
Our gel baiting & interior service treats roaches and ants.

Our insect and rodent trapping service controls pests on the inside of building including kitchens and storage areas.


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